Who we are

CALM specialises in delivering the Advanced Mindfulness-Based Practices (AMBP) programmes within the public, private and government sectors including Mental Health, Education, and Police organisations in the U.K. and internationally.

What we do

CALM provides Tailored Workshops, specialist Online Training Courses as well as the AMBP Teacher Training Programme based on the Advanced Mindfulness-Based Practices (AMBP) framework that has been developed, delivered, tested and researched for over 10 years.

Our Aim

CALM aims to provide access to the ancient wisdom through the Buddhist philosophical framework of mindfulness (also known as the ‘deep path’) as well as the Western Scientific framework of mindfulness (also known as the ‘wide path’) through the MBCT curriculm.

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Dialogue with the Dalai Lama


The AMBP Teacher Training Programme 2020/2021

The Advanced Mindfulness-Based Practices (AMBP) Teacher Training Programme is a one-year accredited and CALM certified training programme delivered by a group of highly experienced and internationally acclaimed mindfulness instructors/trainers (for the detailed biographies of our trainers, please visit the ‘Faculty’ page within this website). The AMBP Teacher Training Programme aims to develop skills in teaching and integrating the ‘AMBP 4/8-Week Programme’ within the context of children, young people and adults. The AMBP Teacher Training Programme is entirely delivered through the CALM LIVE Online Platform, supported by an OPTIONAL (1-week) in-person retreat in Kent, U.K.

Furthermore, this programme is also supported by LIVE Online Group Practice Retreats/Sessions as well as LIVE Online One-to-One & Group Supervision Sessions. The AMBP Teacher Training Programme has been designed in accordance with the U.K. ‘Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses’ and is accredited/certified by CALM: Centre for Advanced Learning of Mindfulness, U.K. For more information about the AMBP Teacher Training Programme, please visit the ‘Teacher Training’ page within this website.

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