Testimonials for the AMBP Workshops and Courses

"During the session, I was absorbed by the calmness and peace. Afterwards, I felt a marked decrease in my anxiety"

Testimonials for the AMBP Workshops and Courses

Quotes from participants who have attended past AMBP Workshops and Courses:

• ‘There is a lot more uncertainty about the future and this is worrying. During the session, I was absorbed by the calmness and peace. Afterwards, I felt a marked decrease in my anxiety’.

• ‘I struggle to clear my mind and think I’m doing it wrong if I don’t. The session yesterday taught me not to focus on clearing my mind but to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings’.

• ‘I discovered myself and the awareness around me which taught me countless skills that I will use in my day to day life’.

• ‘Before the session and the practice, there was tension at home due to a situation, which I felt due to the daily sessions and practise I was able to deal with better than before’

• ‘I was very anxious before the session but, I am now learning new tools to be aware negative feelings exist, accept these feelings and find compassion for others and myself. This was a very emotional session for me but I know the benefits of the sessions are in my reach’.

• ‘After practicing the techniques, I felt less stress and definitely felt calmer for the rest of the day’.

• ‘Always feel that there is an improvement in my mood and wellbeing’.

• ‘I found the session incredibly relaxing today, so much so that I fell asleep. Kumanga’s delivery is very calming & informative’.

• ‘I found all the practices in the session very calming and relaxing in what has been a quite difficult week’.

• ‘During the lockdown, I have learnt to embrace meditation and the difference that it can make to your life. I welcome the chance to experience mindfulness practice & calming the mind. It also helps with the work/life balance between work/ home’.

• ‘I felt very calm and relaxed doing the meditation but came out of it feeling a lot more reflective. I am having trouble describing the effect it had on me but it was much more profound. […] I can’t wait for next week. I feel these sessions are really helping me put things into perspective for my own mental health’.

• ‘I found this one to be quite an intense feeling. Definitely not intense in a bad way, I just felt as though I was able to go deeper into the practise than before. I am not sure on the right wording to use. I think this may have been due to it being continuous, so it was easy to go from one state to another within the practises. I came out of the session feeling incredibly relaxed and even invigorated. I felt as though I had more energy and focus going into my afternoon meeting. […] I am noticing thoughts and feelings I feel I would have ignored or not processed before. It really is helping with my overall mind-set by practising everyday. Thank you’.

• ‘I must admit I was a sceptic of mindfulness prior to undertaking this programme. This was due to the way it has been portrayed. I will continue to practice often and add it to my toolbox. Being a self-reflective person, this has been helpful to check-in with myself and to tune in a bit more’.

• ‘Really starting to see meditation more differently than before course, doing things in ways I wouldn’t have expected’.

• ‘The focus on sound was very valuable as I became aware of my reactions to certain sounds. I found myself getting deeper into the meditation than last week. The singing bowl/gong was an amazing sound – it reverberated in my body. Also enjoyed the walking meditation practice’.

• ‘This was a very refreshing session awakening my senses. I will try to be more mindful of food and drink more as a result’.

• ‘Before the session I was a bit distracted as my mum wasn’t feeling too well so I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to focus. I’m pleased to say though that I really enjoyed the session today. […] I felt like I made a breakthrough today’.

• ‘I enjoyed the waterfall practice with the found of the singing bowl. At first it reminded me of church bells. When I heard the sound of the singing bowl my mind became completely clear, as if only the sound vibrations were present in my mind – no thoughts. It was also easier to bring focus back to Kumanga’s voice in the meditation. The sound of the singing bowl is also my favourite part of the silent practice’.

• ‘Prior to this session I have been heavily distracted by external noise. During the following short meditation – this was the first time I have not been irritated by external noise, in fact, the bird in your background was melodic and combined with the rain before this I had a memory of my family driving to the seaside out of season in the rain which made me very happy. I also heard my husband chopping vegetables and this made me smile and I felt so much love’.

• ‘Just wow it allowed me to see that the work I have been doing on my own difficult emotions has been a good thing and that what I have been through has actually given me a very different perspective and experience to others. I was struggling so much today that I had to make myself come on the call, I very nearly didn’t but I am so glad I did, it has made me so grateful for my experience so much so I’m crying with gratitude and love for myself for being part of this experience today xox’